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 Thursday, Januyary 15, 2009 

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This website has been a "personal project in the works" for me since 2000. I have been working on this website off and on as I have had the time to sort through the compiled data that I wanted to present on the website. Data that I thought would be of use to everyone that visited the website. I still have some tweaking to do to it. I am sure that I will continue to do work with it, adding to it constantly, etc.

I first started accumulating data for this website in 2000, when I first started as an internet entrepreneur. My wife, Diane, has always laughed when I would be sitting there watching TV with her, which is usually around 8:00 PM when I take a break, and all of a sudden I have to write down something to add to the website. Before this website, which is now my main website, there was JamesDeoDawsonSr that I started in the later part of 2005 after performing 5 /12 years of thorough research on over 100 companies claiming to offer the chance of a lifetime. The research consisted of actually joining the companies business opportunities, performing background checks on the company owners, checking with the BB and Chamber of Commerce in their state, reviewing so called testimonials by people believed to be actual members, reviewing comments from people on forum websites who actually became members of the different companies, etc. So therefore between the two websites, there has been 8 1/2 years of combined research, data building, verifications, cataloging, etc.
The  WorkAtHomeBusinessSecrets website serves as a training ground for everyone to take advantage of regarding the use of marketing tools, educational resources, marketing resources, moral boosting, etc.
It is my opinion that this website is very unique on the internet today because as far as I know, it is the ONLY website on the internet today to have such an over abundant amount of FREE resources available for EVERYONE  to take advantage of with a FORUM added to the website to boot!!
I VERY much would like to get everyone's input on this website. I also would like to get everyone's help in getting the word out to as many people as possible about this website.
This website with the over abundant amount of educational material available, in my opinion could prove to be a major powerhouse of educational material available to those who REALLY want to succeed.  ESPECIALLY  to those whom have never, ever performed any internet marketing.
Now maybe you are someone whom already has a business model in place or your own dream that you have a burning desire to make a reality. GREAT!! This website WILL help you to accomplish your goals.
My business life has been very good to me, but not without a lot of the typical heartache, and roller coaster of ups and downs that all entrepreneurs experience. For me it took it's toll with three heart attacks. BUT I never gave up. I could not give up. I had and still do have that inner burning desire to succeed. It is a trait that only other entrepreneurs can identify with. I have created and as a way of making it easier on those that have the inner burning desire to succeed, but have nowhere to turn for the information they so desperately need to promote and share their dreams with others.
* A place that they can go without the fear of sounding too incompetent.
* A place that they can go where they feel like they are accepted and where they can have an actual business family that WANTS to make sure that they succeed.
* A place where they can go where if they do not understand, they can ask and not be given the run around, spend their money, and still not know any more that they did when they first approached any one on the the website.
* A place where they can go to obtain the business marketing tools, knowledge and education that they so desperately ache and starve for WITHOUT having to beg for the answers and in the end be sitting in a dark corner with their heads in their hands, sobbing with the total feeling of disgust and failure, still having that ever burning desire and quest that they have set out on to succeed and finally be at peace, with pride, of their accomplished dream.  
* A place that they can go without the fear of someone taking advantage of them because of their lack of knowledge and inexperience.
* A place that they can go where because of their lack of knowledge and inexperience they ARE NOT treated as though they are inferior compared to the other members that they are confiding in.   
They say the road of hard knocks is the best teacher. I totally agree.  I would not have had it any other way. I am COMPLETELY self taught and very proud of it.
* But wouldn’t it be nice if the road to success did not have to be so treacherous?  
* If it could be a road of abundant FREE education, FREE knowledge, FREE marketing tools, one that is FREE to attend and actually contribute to others what you have experienced so that others may benefit from the knowledge.
* Wouldn't that make everyone's business life just a little bit easier and encourage the inspiring entrepreneur to push forward and persevere in their quest for excellence, honesty, integrity, perfection and success?
Perseverance and failure CANNOT coexist. Failure happens when you quit. When all is said and done, perseverance, commonly referred to as "stick-to-itiveness," is the ultimate insurance of success. Nothing can take its place. 
For example, the world is full of those who "tried" to get a business going. After meeting with difficulty, rejections, deceit from those that they put their trust in, they quite simply give up and quit. They accept failure and just fade back into the crowd of unknowns, never to be heard from again. The worst part is not that they quit their business, but that they quit on themselves. Ending with that ever burning feeling that they could have made it if they just could have had the support, tools, education and knowledge that is needed to succeed, but nobody truly cared enough to provide it.
My two websites WorkAtHomeBusinessSecrets and JamesDeoDawsonSr coupled with  are what every inspiring entrepreneur needs to succeed.
Now I stumbled on a very inspiring website some time back, that I have sent many people to that I feel can be of benefit as well, Top Achievement
I encourage EVERYONE to refer to it, ESPECIALLY when they are having "one of those days."
I would also highly recommend The SuccessTALK Channels, featuring over 50 topic specific channels and 1600 hours of content, available FREE for listening and/or download: The Success TALK Channel
I am going to sign off for now to spend some time with my beautifully gorgeous and understanding wife, Diane. Another part of my life that I was very fortunate to have. Not all entrepreneurs can make such a bold statement. Not only does she understand my burning desire to succeed, especially since she too was bitten by the self employment bug herself since we married July 30, 1994. She was my birthday present, per my request,  that I wanted to have by my birthday on August 1, 1994.  (It was also the best excuse that I could think of to hurry her along to be mine before any other guy snatched her up!!)
Have A Great Day!
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"If you have been helped by this website and feel that the resources provided are of value, please consider making a donation today to help keep the website free. You can donate any amount you feel comfortable with. Just click the "Donate" button shown below to make a donation through a secure server processed by PayPal. Thanks, JD"  
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